Troubleshooting Steps to Fix Bitdefender Error 183 with Ease

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Bitdefender error 183

Are you facing Bitdefender Error 183?

If yes, then here in this blog we have mentioned its troubleshooting Step.

This issue generally occurs while installing the Bitdefender (Managed Antivirus) program. The error code shown with the following message as ERROR_ALREADY_EXISTS, // Installer.exe is already running or you can read the message as ‘the product has already been installed”.

This kind of error generally occurs when the old version of Antivirus program is in running phase over the new version of the program.If you want to fix this error instantly then call Bitdefender Antivirus Support phone number for help.

Steps to Fix Bitdefender Error 183

Step1: Remove all traces of Bitdefender Antivirus

  • To get rid of this issue simply you have to remove all traces of Bitdefender software program from the system.
  1. Completely remove the Bitdefender from the system, remove all traces of Antivirus program files and registry entries.
  2. Then login to the Dashboard.
  3. From the context menu carefully select the “Edit Device” option.
  4. Choose the “Managed Antivirus” icon next.
  5. Now users are requested to carefully make some kind of  changes the settings to “Off” mode
  6. Tap on the “OK “ option when all made changes are done and start the Bitdefender antivirus software.
  7. After executing above steps you will be notified with the “Engine uninstall” process.
  8. Wait for some time until the  Summary tab of device show the “Managed Antivirus – Not Installed”
  9. Then you have to open the “regedit.exe” file next.
  10. .After this you have to check the “Registry” section and delete any remaining entries of Bitdefender Program.
  11. Restart the System.
  12. After this, perform a reinstallation process of the Managed Antivirus – Bitdefender Engine.

Bitdefender Error 183

Step2: Re-enable

  • Once you are done with the removal process, users are requested to re-enable the Bitdefender Antivirus for their system devices.

If a still error is not get solved then it’s better to take help from expert tech by dialling a toll-free Bitdefender Antivirus tech support number 1-800-982-0436  for instant help.

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