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Today’s scenario most of the people use a laptop to do their work smoothly and quickly. Sometimes it becomes very annoying situation when your laptop is not properly working. But most of the time issue in laptop and might be in other accessories. You can solve a small issue by themselves and some tricky issue in a laptop is solved by an expert technician and in that situation, you need to contact expert techies. Call @ Asus customer support number 1-800-982-436.

Here in this blog, we provide you some tips for how to troubleshoot your ASUS laptop if it is not turning ON.

Follow the below instruction for troubleshooting:

Basically, we consider Power light as the judging point which explains the reason why you are unable to turn on Asus laptop.

There is two type of condition in which user does not turn become able to turn ON laptop.

1. When Power light is ON

2. When Power light is OFF

Troubleshoot When Power Light is ON and Asus Laptop is Not Turning On

In “Power light is ON” the laptop basically signifies that adapter and power cord is working and but device unable to turn ON due to malfunction of other major components.

  1. You need to remove all types of portable external devices, like USB, internet cable, memory card, CD-ROM, etc.
  2. If you fix this kind of issue then you have to remove Li-ion battery from the laptop and use directly power supply to charge.
  3. If you have recently tried partition of hard drive or memory then you have to reset your device.

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Troubleshoot When Power Light is OFF and Asus Laptop is Not Turning On

“Power light is OFF” Situation in laptop signifies there is no power supplied by the adapter or some major components might be not working properly and fails to boot.

  • To fix this kind of issue always ensure that connector of the adapter is not loose.
  • There is no any kind of damage in adapter cable if Adapter cable is damaged then replace with new one

This blog will help how to troubleshoot your ASUS laptop if it is not turn ON. But sometime after following the instruction you are unable to Fix the problem and you need support or help related to Asus laptop then feel free to reach our 24×7 toll-Free Asus Technical Support Phone Number @ +1-800-982-0436.

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