Fix Lexmark Printer Errors {Code – 200 & 201, 80, 900, 903, 904, 905 and 906}

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Lexmark Printer Error

Lexmark printers are well known for individuals as well as professionals for their reliability and best quality. Like each printer, they likewise create some problems. These concerns have interacted to individuals through error codes. If you understand exactly what these error codes stand for, you can manage the majority of the issues on your own. Or if you are a novice user then you have to get in touch with Lexmark printer technical support team to ask for help.

Here are some common error codes of Lexmark printer with possible causes and verified solutions.

Lexmark Printer Error Codes & Solution

Error Code: 200 & 201

The error code 200 indicated the Paper Jam issue. You will find out that a paper is blocking the printer path while error 201 indicates there is a paper stuck between printers’ input as well as output sensor.


Both these errors can be fixed by eliminating the paper very carefully from the printer.

Follow the given steps:

  • Open up the front door on the top side.
  • Holds the print cartridge with both hands and also pulls it out carefully (pull to you as well as lift it up.).
  • Press the feed roller launch bar back to release the stress on the paper.
  • Take out the paper carefully as well as meticulously as it could tarnish your garments from printer toner.
  • If there is no paper jam under the cartridge, eliminate the paper tray and also re-install it. Re-install the printer toner cartridge and also close the door.

Error Code: 80

Modern Lexmark printers have a counter that informs concerning maintenance. This counter records the variety of printed pages. The error code 80 suggests that optimum pages have printed.


Investing in a maintenance package as well as replacing it is the solution right here. You could acquire a Lexmark maintainer kit for the much better efficiency of your printer.

Error Code: 900

The error occurred as service error due to equipment or network related issues. If the printer is connected with the computer system and also the error takes place, it is network related. While if the printer and computer are not connected and the error 80 takes place, it is hardware related issues.


Checking the connection between computer and printer can deal with this error. If you are not well aware with how to fix error code 900 by checking printer connections then you have to contact Lexmark technical help team to ask for the proper connections.

Error Code: 901

The error code 901 appears as Engine Flash Error which occurs due to temporary problems in the engine. The error occurs as a result of a temporary engine error.


To resolve this error, simply power off the printer for 5 minutes and afterward once again turn it ON. If the mistake is gone, it doesn’t call for more troubleshooting. If it exists, take help Lexmark Printer customer support.

Error Code: 902

The error code simply means that the printer Engine Board Software is failed.


Turn-off the printer for 10 minutes and after that turns it on to see if the error is resolved. If this does not, look for assistance from professional by calling experts @ 1800-982-0436.

Error Code: 903, 904, 905 and 906

Any of the above code may occur anytime while working with the Fault in printer’s system board.


Power off the printer and power it on after 10 mins. If the mistake is gone, attempt printing some web pages and also watch on the error for two-three weeks. If it still exists, reset NVRAM.

Guys, are you ready to go with the given Lexmark printer error resolving tips?

lexmark technical support

Good to go with it if you are technically expert else go with the help of expert technicians.

Yes, because you may get another error while trying to fix an error of your Lexmark printer. So, call on Lexmark Printer Technical Support Number +1800-982-0436 and get error free solution of your printer issues.

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