Brother Printer Error Code 46 – Complete Troubleshooting Steps

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Brother Printer Error Code 46

Do you believe that annoying error codes like brother printer 46 sound good?

Of Course not!

Consider a scenario that you press the print button on your brother printer and walk out with the hope that a paper will come from your printing device. But when you turn to get that paper what you find out that the printer has stopped working with an error message on the LCD display; “Unable to clean: Brother Machine Error 46” or simply you may see “Error 46”.

Do you know it is the most annoying error as well as common also which is faced by many users? Few of them contact local technical support for the solution which takes time but most of them contact to Brother Printer Technical Support for the instant solution.

But you need not worry at all because here in this blog we have covered all the aspects of the brother Printer error code 46.

What We Have Covered in This Blog:

  • Causes of Brother Machine Error 46
  • What is an ink absorber/why does my printer require it
  • What is a printer purge counter & how to reset it?
  • The best ways to reset as well as remove the Brother Printer Error Code 46

Let’s Dive in….

What triggers Error 46?

According to the Brother Printer Customer Support Team, Error 46 is displayed when the ‘ink absorber pad’ is full and also has to be replaced or fixed.

This is a crucial part of the printer and there’s an excellent factor for having a well-functioning ink absorber pad. However, it’s very easy to clean it if you are technically expert or connect to a team of tech geeks.

The worse situation is that sometimes your device start giving the error even Ink pad is not full and due to this you become unable to get work from the machine.

What is an ink absorber pad/why does my printer need it?

The ink absorber is merely a small sponge pad, and its purpose is to gather excess or spilled ink that accumulates throughout printing. The pad additionally gathers any type of excess ink that may be splashed when an auto cleansing procedure is run by the device.

If your ink absorber is full, you will first see excess ink on your prints. The ink absorber pad should appear as low all the time to get the high-quality prints. It’s most likely that your printer would ultimately leak ink and discolor your work desk area.

How To Reset And get rid of the Brother Printer Error 46 on your printer

To troubleshoot with the error 46 and remove it completely either contact to Brother Printer Technical Support Team or just go with the given options.

Note: These two options are differentiated according to the printing device like 1. Having Fax facilities or 2. Without having Fax facility which is called Pad Printer.

There are 2 different procedures for removing this annoying brother printer error code 46 that have a number pad like a phone (ones that could Fax), as well as for those that just have switched.

Step #1- Put the printer into Maintenance mode:

Disconnect the power cord from the printer

  • Press the Menu or set button or hold the start button for a while.
  • Maintaining the switch pressed, plug the power cable back in and hold the switch until you see a maintenance mode message.
  • Your printer will display a message as Maintenance’.

Now your brother printer is in maintenance mode.

Step #2— Now Reset the Purge counter

There are various methods to reset the counter on printers that have a number keypad, as compared to those that just have arrowheads. Bellow’s how you can reset on each.

A – For printers having a number keypad

  • Type 80 on the keypad to open the options.
  • Press the down arrow key to scroll through the options until you see Purge complied by a number.
  • Type 2783 and make the number which is right next to the word PURGE as ZERO.
  • Touch stop or exit to get back to the Maintenance mode menu.
  • Enter 99 to exit as well as reboot the printer.

B – For printers without number options

When your brother printer is in maintenance mode, comply with the same directions over but as opposed to setting the numbers with the keypad, use the up and down arrowheads to scroll through the numbers.

  • Scroll to 8 and then press OK or SET, then scroll to 0 and also press OK or SET.
  • Now scroll through the options till you see the word PURGE with a count alongside it.
  • Tape OK button once again and enter the numbers 2,7,8,3. And also the set the PURGE counter as 00000.

Now Relax..!

It can be hoped now that your Brother Printer Error Code 46 has been fixed and PURGE has been resettled to its normal level. And you can easily use your machine for printing purpose.

One more question, what if still you are having the same issue?

The answer is very simple and valuable! Contact Brother Printer Technical Support Phone Number +1800-982-0436 (toll-free 24/7).

Yes, this is the best option you could ever have to fix such kinds of annoying issues with less time and no efforts. Making a call to the above-given number assures you that your printer is in right hand and the expert geeks will fix the brother printer error to let you enjoy the printing services.

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